Odin & Grotesk is a Manila-based boutique creative studio that crafts bespoke designs for your unique brand. We specialize in Illustrative Branding, Packaging Design, Illustration, and 3D. 

With us, No idea is too small or too otherworldly —we love working with big thinkers and ambitious minds
🧠. Whatever the narrative, we add a touch of magic to create a cohesive visual identity. Whether bright, bold, or gutsy, we always deliver on our promises. 🤓

Our duty is to create something that fully represents your brand. We are open, efficient, and prioritize timely deliveries. We're not satisfied until you are.
Creative Process
& Capabilities

Our creative process begins with an idea. Your idea—and we want to make sure we get it right. To build a brand from the ground up means familiarising ourselves with upcoming digital trends, target audiences, and competitor campaigns.

By getting to know the current landscape, we can allow your ideas to thrive—and put our hands to work.

Establishing your position as a leading brand is about separating your business from your competitors. Nothing says "unique" like a brand that is confident in its identity. Maybe you know exactly how you want your brand to look—or maybe you need a little bit of help.

Either way, we are available to define, strategize, and fully develop your brand. As the renowned philosopher Mufasa once stated: remember who you are—we'll do the rest.

Part of feeling good about your business identity is to look good online. From social media content to website banners, we're equipped to produce them all.

When it comes to establishing presence, we pay close attention to detail. Every asset on your brand is something we design with a purpose.

Delivery day doesn't mean we part ways with our clients. We're all about sustaining a long-term working relationship—especially when your brand begins to evolve. Regardless of whether you're launching your first campaign or revamping your look, we want to be by your side for every step of the way.

Whenever you need us, we'll be waiting in the wings—like a mother watching a ballet recital. Sort of.

For specific type of work we didn't get to mention, you can drop us a line here.
Creative Team
Odin & Grotesk Design Studio is the brainchild of three ambitious creatives of varying skills and backgrounds. We are advocates of working together—not for one another. Thus, we are always open to collaborating with other designers and artists to achieve your vision to the best of our ability.

Jethro Olba 
Jelina Santos 
Daniel Manalaysay

Openness is something we believe makes your project stand out. If you're interested in working together, don't hesitate to shoot us a message! 🤘
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