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Youth Traders by ZFT | A New Breed of Rockstar Traders
Youth Traders is an attempt to address the lack of financial proficiency in the Philippines, one of the lowest-ranked monetarily literate countries in Southeast Asia.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, it is the younger generations bearing the weight of this global recession. To make up for a disrupted educational and social life, Youth Traders hopes to provide a safe and fun space for learning.

Fortunately, younger Filipinos are growing increasingly interested in stock trading. As such, we've collaborated with Zeefreaks Tribe, an online cryptocurrency platform that aims to help young Filipinos create their own wealth through trading.
We've captured the essence of Youth Traders through a fun and approachable logo character – Zim. He is cool, smart, and everything Gen Z stands for, together with a vibrant identity that the youth will love and be proud of.

Our goal is to come up with a visual identity that will resonate with their personality and veer away from the usual corporate-looking organizations that felt and looked intimidating and (sorry!) boring. 

The Youth Traders initiative becomes more approachable for the youth intimidated by the world of stock trading. The logo character Zim acts as an intermediary for the brand and those who are new to financial education. The Youth Traders by ZFT aims to disparage the notion that financing is tedious and complex –instead, it is something worth investing in and fun!

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